Detox.  Detoxification.  Detoxify.

This is a hot button topic these days!  EVERYONE is talking about detoxifying your body, your liver, your diet, your life!  But what does that really mean???  And HOW do you do it???  Let's dive in here for a little crash course in lymphatics!

Did you know your body has it's own amazing detoxification system??  Yes! It sure does!!  

The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels that carry our bodies toxins (aka interstitial fluid, aka garbage, aka LYMPH) from the cells that got rid of the 'junk' to the subclavian vein below your beck.  The lymph, a clear, watery fluid, passes through these vessels using the motion of our muscles and joints to pump it along.  During its journey to the subclavian vein, it passes many LYMPH NODES which are small structures that act as a tiny filter for lymph.  These nodes also create LYMPHOCYTES, which are one of the types of cells in our immune system that fight infection by attacking and destroying germs, viruses, bacteria, and other junk that is carried in our lymph!  

Our lymphatic system has a few other jobs as well!  It carries fatty acids and fats from the digestive system for our body to use as fuel, it carriers white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes and also carriers them into the bones!  

It removes excess fluid from our body, which is why people who have a condition called lymphedema have excessive swelling in some areas of their bodies.

Where am I getting at with all this fancy schmancy info???  

The BEST way to detoxify is to improve your body's OWN detox systems!!  We want to improve how the lymphatic system works!!  How can we do that?  


By using the Ionic Cleanse Footbath! This crazy little treatment we offer right here at the clinic can actually upregulate your lymphatic system to work harder/better/smarter for you!!  SO COOL!  Let's look a little deeper at this process. 

The footbath works by using a detox array to release positive and negative ions into the water you soak your feet in.  The minerals in the water and the different charges of the ions released by the detox array and they are so tiny they can actually be absorbed through the skin.  These tiny bubbles can then enter your lymphatic system and release the minerals which raises the pH of the lymph there toward the optimal alkaline value of 7.4.  As these tiny bubbles and minerals enter the lymphatic vessels, the lymph that was there- which has a lower, acidic pH and a larger particle size- gets pushed farther toward the lymph nodes and immune system OR is pushed out of the lymphatic vessels and into the footbath water!  By measuring your pH right after you wake up in the morning under your tongue, you can check to see if your pH is acidic before a footbath, and if doing a series of these foothbaths brings your pH closer to the normal 7.4!  

Pretty cool, right??  

The lymphatic system can also be encouraged to drain faster and move better by adding more exercise to your routine to increase the pumping-action of your muscles and joints on the lymphatic system, drinking more water, dry-brushing, and more!  

Stop by the clinic August 13-17, 2018 and try an Ionic Cleanse Footbath Detox for only $15!!  Save $10!  

Keep checking our blog for new posts AND other great specials like the one above!!

Have a great weekend- and remember to take some time for yourself today!  


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